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Donate Donor Advised Funds

Donate DAFs to Piedmont Habitat for Humanity

When you recommend Piedmont Habitat for Humanity through your Donor Advised Fund, you make a great impact for good!  DAF grants help support our programs of affordable homeownership and affordable home repairs. Because of your generosity, more individuals and families will experience the many positive benefits made possible by quality, affordable housing.  Thank you for loving your neighbors through shelter!

How can I donate DAFs?

Using the form on this page, it is a quick and secure process:

1) Select the DAF ticker and confirm the company name in the widget.
2) Enter your gift amount.
3) Type in your email and address info for the receipt.
4) Enter your brokerage account information.
5) Virtually sign & make your gift! 

Upon making a donation, you can elect to receive an automatically generated receipt that will be sent to the email address you provide. 

Grants and donations from your DAF are processed quickly and safely with The Giving Block.

Who to contact with questions

Please send us an email at, with the subject line Donor Advised Fund.

Or call us at 434-394-3001.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission through your DAF.

Volunteers putting on siding


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