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How Habitat Serves


Our build program, with its focus on new home construction, helps individuals and families own a safe, decent, affordable home and experience noticeable improvements in health, safety, and wealth generation. 

This program is available for individuals and families who have been residents for at least 12 months in the counties of Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Nelson, Nottoway, and Prince Edward.


  • Safe

    Habitat homes are built to standards that provide families with a durable home that will last a lifetime. The health and overall well-being of the family are driving forces in the pride and attention to detail taken in building our homes.

  • Decent

    Our homes are made to reflect the surrounding community. Made to be a modest size, they are large enough for the family’s needs, yet small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs to a minimum.

  • Affordable

    The hundreds of hours of labor from volunteers and partner families, combined with modest size and attention to energy efficiency, make it possible for families to purchase Habitat houses at an affordable monthly mortgage.

To learn more about becoming a Habitat homeowner, please follow the link below for qualification criteria.

Volunteers putting on siding


  • Walk2Campus
  • EWFA
  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones
  • SEC
  • Luck Stone
    Luck Stone
  • Briery Presbyterian Church
  • White Rock Baptist Church
    White Rock Baptist Church
  • CRC
  • Farmville Moose Lodge
    Farmville Moose Lodge
  • Nora Lancaster Garden Club
    Nora Lancaster Garden Club
  • Lowe's of Farmville
    Lowe's of Farmville
  • Rock Spring UMC
    Rock Spring UMC
  • Warehouse Church
    Warehouse Church
  • Cardinal Homes
    Cardinal Homes
  • Buggy Top
    Buggy Top
  • Charlotte County Lions Club
    Charlotte County Lions Club
  • SGM Randolph
    SGM Randolph
  • Carter
  • Gantt
  • Harwood
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church
    Ebenezer Baptist Church
  • Full Life Fellowship Ministries
    Full Life Fellowship Ministries
  • New Hope Baptist Church
    New Hope Baptist Church
  • Holy Cross
    Holy Cross
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
    Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • St. John Baptist Church
    St. John Baptist Church
  • Nelson 151
    Nelson 151
  • Spence Law
    Spence Law
  • Building Goodness Foundation
    Building Goodness Foundation
  • Weyanoke Garden Club
    Weyanoke Garden Club
  • Jersey Mike's
    Jersey Mike's
  • Dominion Energy
    Dominion Energy
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